Vivid Dark – 4 tracks with stems


Over the past 5 or so months I made a few tracks that I decided to release for free.


Download stems:

Guess I should write something about the tracks?

Vivid Dark, Full of Colours:
This is an improvised ambient track with some background noises I recorded. People seem to like it and say it reminds them of old japanese horror movies.
To make this I used Synplant VST trial, an Akai LPK-25 midi-keyboard and FL Studio. Background noises recorded with Zoom H2N.

Collision Course:
First track I made using NI Maschine Studio. It’s about an asteroid on a collision course or something like that. Apparently it’s nu-jazz, at least thats what some people say.
Synths used: Scarbee Mark I, Reaktor Prism, Razor. Mixing done in FL Studio.

I just kinda went wild with this, loaded in some clarinet and horn loops and chopped them up with bass from Scarbee Mark I. It felt a bit empty at places so I added in some recording from Helsinki train station and rusted drying racks. Some say that this is jazz too, I can’t really be assed to think about genres when making tracks to be honest.
Made with Maschine Studio, mixing done in FL Studio

A mysterious, spacey ambient track from SPACE. I used only one synth (Prism) and a background recording from a buss stop with a bit of bitcrushing and distortion on it to add some nice noise.

So thats it, I hope you like the tracks.


Sketches with alchemy

I downloaded alchemy and sketched things with it. Here are some highlights:

Monster inuite


Worm man








Here are the pdf files that contain vectors of these, and a lot of other sketches, some good and some pretty bad. Feel free to use them or paint over them or whatever it is you do:


Brilliant music you should listen to

I’m just going to list some albums and say a few words about each, this is in no particular order:


Jon Hopkins – Immunity

A brilliant ambient dance album with great athmosphere and innovative percussion. One of my favourites of 2013

Vektor – Black Future

A modern progressive trash metal masterpiece, the singers range is just crazy. Definitely one of my favourite albums of all times.

Tim Exile – Listening Tree

Tim Exile’s finest work, absolutely breathtaking vocals and textures with really unique synths and song structures, it’s what I would describe as mind blowing.

Amon Tobin – ISAM

Differing greatly from his earlier albums, ISAM is a thing of beauty and my first touch to experimental music. That is all what I need to say about ISAM.


Idea & improvisation

I recently had an idea. Tim Exile has this crazy set that he carries in a huge briefcase thing. You can kinda see it in this video:

Basically the point is that he can (kinda) carry it with him and improvise anywhere. But what if there was a miniature version of it? I’m talking about a briefcase that would have a laptop, small midi keyboard (~2 octave) and a pad controller thingie (like an akai MPD or something, probably something smaller). Here is an amazing picture I made in paint:

amazning concept

The point of this would be that it’s fairly easy to carry around, you could take it to a park, a forest, where ever you want to take it and make tracks on the moment, about what you see or hear. It could be almost like painting (in a sense that you can take it outdoors), but with music. You couldn’t really make full fledged tracks, working with headphones and all. The pieces can be polished later, thats what the studio is for!

I don’t have a clue how hard this would be to build (the briefcase would need some modding or maybe should be custom built) because I haven’t really done anything like this ever. I don’t really have the money or skill to do it and it definitely needs more thought since it is just an idea, a concept. There is also the chance that someone has already done something like this, I just don’t know of it.

Of course there are the ipad and iphone apps that you can make fiddly little pieces with, get an compatible midi keyboard on that and you can make things with them too. Smaller size and better battery life are good feats, but I’ve just had the feeling when testing the apps that they are a bit.. limiting. You can’t have sample libraries or full fledged digital audio workstations on those things. Not as of yet at least.


Improvisation is a big part of being creative, to create something from scratch and just flowing with it is an amazing feeling. It hasn’t been a big part of my music because of the way I do things (no controllers at all, I only have a 2 octave akai LPK25) and I regret it.

This is a little improvised piece I made late into the night. It was dark outside with the soothing yellow of street lamps being the only source of light. Puddles of water were left on ground from the rain earlier that day and you could see some stars trying to peek from behind the clouds. Something about that night struck me and I had to capture it into a track.  The synths were born after a little fiddling with SynPlant, letting me to get right into it. I added some background ambiance and effects (like the distortion near the end) afterwards

I don’t really know how to play a piano or anything about music theory to be honest. I think I succeeded at what I wanted to do with this track, it’s a bit unsettling and calm at the same time and this was one of my first times making something serious with just improvising a bit. The background ambience was recorded the same night while having a smoke. You can hear my coat rubbing at the start and you can actually hear me spitting near the end. I decided to leave them in for fun.